BROADCAST | Broadcast Best Places to Work 2018

  • Paula Cowles, head of production and Marnie Sirota, senior VP of operations & finance

How do you find talent?

This year, we partnered with the Mama Youth Project and we’re employing their graduates across our commissioned projects. We are looking to broaden our work-experience scheme with Leeds University in 2018.

How can staff contribute ideas to improve the working culture?

We hold weekly meetings where company news and updates are shared and staff can contribute their ideas.

How do you encourage and reward staff and freelancer loyalty?

Staff and freelancers are encouraged to stay and/or return because of the open, fun and supportive culture we create. We hold a number of social events each month that encourage teams to mix and socialise outside of the work environment. We also feel that our favourable levels of pay encourage both staff and freelancers.

Nominate a ‘rising star’ in your business

During one of our many interview rounds, we spotted a senior casting AP, Dwayne Eaton, and gave him his first long-term casting producer role on our sports entertainment series for Sky 1, Revolution.

He has thrived in the role, managing a team of four and responsible for casting an eight-part series of 75 contributors in the disciplines of BMX, skateboarding and inline skating. We are now hoping to develop his skills further in an edit producer training role.

What are you most proud of about your company?

Having worked for big media giants and super-indies, we love opening up the office each morning and locking our own front door at night.

While remaining very business focused, we feel we are in charge of our own destiny and decision-making, and this feeds down to everyone within the company.

The feedback we get from staff and freelancers is that they want to work hard for and return to Znak & Co, which we are very proud of.