KILL RIDE Netflix fans ‘terrified’ by I Am A Killer and are calling the crime series the next Making a Murderer

NETFLIX's latest true crime series, I Am A Killer, has been branded 'terrifying' by fans, who are already likening it to smash hit Making A Murderer.

I Am A Killer follows several convicted murderers sitting on death row in America who are interviewed about their cold-blooded crimes.

Each episode of the ten-part series profiles a different prisoner as they recount the events that led up to them being banged up behind bars.

The show has access to such killers as 54 year-old James Robertson, who is awaiting being put to death in Florida for killing his cell mate Frank Hart.

In his interview, James reveals he deliberately murdered his fellow prisoner while serving time for various thefts because he wanted to get out of solitary confinement and onto death row instead.

"I knew they was going to use any excuse they could to keep me [in solitary confinement]. Any excuse," he says.

"Finally I got mad and I said, 'I'ma go ahead and kill somebody'. It was premeditated."

And in even more chilling footage, James admits he has no regrets.

"I don't feel bad about it," he reveals, before breaking into a sinister laugh.

Another fascinating case is that of Miguel Angel Martinez, who was the youngest person ever to be sentenced to death in Texas aged 17.

Miguel was involved in a "satanic" killing back in 1991 when he and his friends murdered Baptist deacon James Smiley.

But his sentence has been met with controversy as he received a harsher sentence than one of his friends, who was arguably the mastermind behind the murder.

In another episode, murderer David Lewis, who killed an elderly woman while burgling her home, confesses his remorse.

He says: "I wish I could take back what I did. If I could I would in a heartbeat. After all this time of thinking about it, I know what it means to live now."

Since the series dropped on Netflix earlier this month, fans have flocked to social media to declare how obsessed they are with the show.

"I am a killer on netflix, I'm hooked," tweeted one viewer.

"For anyone after something new to binge 'I am a killer' on Netflix is the best docu-series I've seen in a long time," said a second.

A third weighed in: "If you haven't yet watched "I AM A KILLER" on @NetflixUK #Netflix then who the hell are you..."

Naturally, the series has drawn comparisons to Netflix's breakout crime docu-series, Making A Murderer, which spawned a slew of imitators and pocketed a raft of awards.

"Very much mini episodic Making a Murderer," said one viewer. "Worth your time."

Seconded another: "100 percent recommend i am a killer on Netflix, if you like making a murderer similar to that."

And a third wrote: "Unpopular opinion: The Netflix series ‘I am a Killer’ is better than ‘Making a Murderer’."

Making A Murderer debuted in December 2015 and immediately became a word-of-mouth phenomenon.